EAP plant Black Poplars on the Isle of Wight

Thanks to our environmental charity Gift to Nature we have re-introduced the first three black poplar trees to the Isle of Wight, which we planted on the festival site on a cold and rainy day in February. Prior to this, this indigenous species had all but died out on the island.

This initiative is part of a detailed management plan for the IOW Festival site, written by Gift to Nature. It will see enhancement work to the whole site being carried out on an ongoing basis so that it can be enjoyed by visitors and local residents throughout the year. It will also include the planting of a wildflower meadow in the arboretum, a path created to run through the millennium wood and a survey of the pond. We will let you know how our first three black poplar saplings are doing throughout the year.

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EAP are in discussions with the Department of Energy & Climate Change for more ways to collaborate and get the Act on CO2 message out there ahead of the Copenhagen talks in December, so watch this space.

A Greener Festival Awards

Although the results of A Greener Festival Awards scheme are yet to be announced, founder Luke Westbury has written a great blog on what impressed him at this years IOW Festival. Click here.


IOW 2009 Carbon Audit

EAP commission Key Environmental Developments to carbon audit this year’s festival as well as a comparative piece of work which will outline how much carbon festival goers would have possibly used if they had stayed at home. Both of the results of these will be made public post festival.


World Environment Day

EAP announce a collaboration with Ed Miliband and the Department of Energy and Climate Change to together promote the Act on CO2 message, ahead of the next round of Kyoto talks in Copenhagen in December. To read the press release please click here.

Eco Winners! 
Eco Action Partnership have won a Greener Festival Award for their work at the Isle of Wight Festival 2009. Details of the first festivals to be recognised this year were announced this week with the Isle of Wight  Festival getting a special mention from co-founder of A Greener Festival, Ben Challis “our auditors have noticed that more and more festivals are starting to work with the audience to promote sustainable lifestyles - the team that came back from the Isle of WIght Festival raved about the really clever initiatives there”   


EAP join the 10:10 climate change campaign and commit to reduce their emissions by 10% in 2010. The ambitious but clever campaign conceived by Age of Stupid director, Franny Armstrong encourages individuals, companies, and organisations such as schools and hospitals to unite behind one simple idea, that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010. This will hopefully succeed where politicians have failed and prove the power people can have on the biggest challenge to face this planet and it’s inhabitants. Sign up to 10:10 today.

Road to Copenhagen

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has chosen Eco Action Partnership to create an awareness campaign within the culture sector ahead of the global summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, at the beginning of December.

The result, a series of three gigs in London during October and November, chosen for their diverse audience mix in which to drive awareness of the governments ambitious global deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.

The first of these was Franz Ferdinand at O2 Academy Brixton where the audience was engaged by a video booth in the bar area where they could record their own message to Ed Miliband or write messages of support on the graffiti wall in the foyer. The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre was the next stop on the awareness campaign where two of the bars were branded with the Act on Copenhagen logo and info points manned by DECC employees, on hand to give out relevant climate change information. Details of the next gig will be announced soon.


As an update to the earlier news story posted telling you that EAP had won an award from A Greener Festival (AGF) for our eco work at the Isle of Wight Festival 2009, it has just been announced that the Isle of Wight Festival is among only ten other festivals in the world to be labelled as ‘Outstanding’ for efforts in making their event more sustainable. The coveted trophy, made out of recycled plastic bottles, crushed CDs and remoulded Wellington boots and featuring the Red Kite logo from AGF, will be awarded on 19th November at the UK Festival Awards at the  02 Arena in London.

Isle of Wight Festival 2010

This year there are some great additions to last year’s eco plan for the Festival, notably the introduction of a solar powered stage in our newly created eco/chill out area in the arboretum, as well bringing the climate change exhibition Hard Rain to the festival site. The exhibition is based around the Bob Dylan lyrics from Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall. We also linked with The British Council, Britain’s international cultural relations body, as an ongoing environmental partner for the work we do at the festival. You can see all of this year’s initiatives by visiting the official Isle of Wight Festival website, Eco Action Partnership page. And......Sir Paul McCartney gave us his official stamp of approval for all our eco efforts.

EAP goes to Berlin to speak at Green Music Dinner 2010

EAP partner Mark Ward spoke at the recent Green Music Dinner, held on the 3rd March at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin. Hosted by the British Council and partners it was a gathering of British and German representatives from music, science, politics, environmental groups and media, to discuss how innovative approaches can help the music industry concrete plans  to reduce their Green House Gas emissions.

Jimmy Carr lends his support to our Road to Copenhagen initiative

Jimmy Carr at O2 Academy Brixton becomes the third gig in our series to build awareness for the governments ambitious global deal in Copenhagen.

The audience at Jimmy’s Rapier Wit UK tour will be able to find out more about Copenhagen and what it means nationally as well as internationally. 



For the second year running and through the work of EAP, the Isle of Wight Festival has been awarded the prestigious A Greener Festival Award for it’s environmental efforts, and been declared OUTSTANDING - one of only 11 festivals worldwide, and the only major UK festival, to be given this status. The award will be presented at the O2 arena at the UK Festivals Awards on the 18th November. Thanks to everyone involved this year for helping us to achieve this.


Isle of Wight festival awarded green credentials

Thanks to our work on the the Isle of Wight festival it has just been awarded both BS8901 certification and Julie’s Bicycle Industry Green mark, and it is the only major festival to be achieve both of these important environmental standards.

award winning green event & pr consultancy

Gardens of England

Just before the floods hit Cornwall at the end of last year Juliet found herself at the ever-amazing Eden Project taking part in a Question Time style debate entitled The Garden’s of England. The discussion explored the effects of dividing natural environments for temporary celebrations and whether the pros of uniting cultural communities and raising the profile of local economies really outweigh the cons of environmental and social impact in rural settings. Bill Mitchell, Art Director of Wildworks, sculptor Peter Randall-Page, and Maggie Bolt from Maggie Bolt Associates joined her on the panel, which was chaired by writer and broadcaster Tim Marlow. This was the third and final debate of the Sky Arts Artichoke Salon Series

Fashion Rocks

High Street fashion store H&M chose EAP to carbon audit their presence at the IOW festival 2010. We compiled an environmental policy, advised on sustainability issues including guest and staff travel, on-site power generation as well as waste and recycling from their hospitality area. We produced a comprehensive audit report, and offset some of the carbon used by investing in ongoing conservation projects on the island.