who are we

EAP is a partnership between Juliet Ross-Kelly, Rick Storey and Mark Ward.

The team came together after each working independently towards the same goal of of creating a practical guidance solution for the ever more consuming entertainment and conference industries.

Juliet Ross-Kelly worked in fashion PR in London for 13 years handling clients such as Topshop, Topman, Police Sunglasses, Givenchy and Gossard, before setting up her own PR and Events agency in Cornwall in 2006.

Her move towards ‘green’ issues started with one of her first clients in Cornwall, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall restaurant. The now world acclaimed restaurant chain, run as a charity to help disadvantaged teenagers, was set up with environmental and socially responsible ethics at the heart of their business. So impressed was she with this holistic attitude that Juliet has since chosen clients with similar ambitions, in both the PR and Events side of her business. 

In order to further her offering to clients she completed her Environmental Systems Management training to BS8555 level with Cornwall based Envision.

Following her training Juliet consulted with Lord and Lady St.German’s on how to lessen the environmental impact of their annual Lit Fest, held on their beautiful estate every summer. It was during this event that she realised just how much of an impact a camping festival has and decided to do something to change this.

“None of us are coming to this with a preachy attitude but we are offering real solutions to both organisers and participants on how to do this effectively for a better environmental result without compromising the experience”

Rick Storey is a musician and writer and has been involved in the music industry for all of his working life. Alongside this, he has spent time in the commercial business sector producing events and conferences for major corporations.

In 2000, questions and concerns over the environment, ecology and sustainability of modern life led Rick to full time study and a degree in Ecology at London Kings College University. Amongst many follow on projects, Rick has run a research investigation into the impact of nuclear waste on UK environments and managed conservation projects in London and Kent.

Rick’s knowledge of the challenges that large events and festivals present and the impacts that are created at a local, national and international level, led to discussions with Mark and Juliet about how best to combine their knowledge and experience to minimise this impact and contribute towards greener entertainment and hospitality industries.

Mark Ward has a long list of tour production credits ranging from Coldplay to Tina Turner and Roger Waters and has produced shows from Dusseldorf to the Dominican Republic and all points in between.

His credits include: Party in the Park, the largest single stage live music event in Europe with a prime site in central London’s Hyde Park, for six years - working with artists as diverse as Elton John, Destiny’s Child, Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys and Queen, production director on the Isle of Wight Festival from 2002-2004 (acts included David Bowie and The Who) and Capital (Radio, London) Christmas Live event at Earls Court for 2002/3 (acts included Sting and Enrique Iglesias), tna tour manager on the Rolling Stones “Bigger Bang” and “Bridges to Babylon” stadium tours, Madonna’s “Re-invention” tour, two David Bowie tours as well as a host of other European arena tours.

Mark has also produced a range of Film Premiere parties including Sex and the City and Batman and Robin as well as lavish theatrical one-off's ranging from the 2004 Cannes Film Festival closing event (an all-star orchestral presentation on a vast stage built in the sea) to Prince Charles' 50th birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace. 

Mark is passionate about the impact that the music business has on the world’s climate and has been influential in persuading companies to look for alternative fuels and methods.

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